Exclusive Sellers' Programs

Selling Your SoCal Home

Why use Seraj Realty Group to represent you in the home selling process?

Experienced: We have years of real estate experience selling condos, townhomes, single-family, and multi-unit properties. 

Connected: Full-time agents in the local real estate community with a vast network of buyers and sellers.

Service with Results: Step-by-step assistance, helping you sell your property for the highest possible price and under the best terms.

Knowledgeable: Expert area knowledge. Residential realtors specializing in the Southern California Area from Ventura County to Los Angeles County to Orange County. 

Innovative Marketing: With professional photography, staging, online exposure, mailing, A.I. technology, and more, we ensure top-tier publication of your property. 

Different Selling Programs:

It was previously very common for realtors to offer one service and that was to place a home on the market and wait for buyers to come. Seraj Realty Group has never solely maintained traditional standards.

Here are a FEW options we provide aside from our not so traditional "traditional" route of selling:


1. Express Offer 

We are Express Offer Certified! Meaning we have access to a marketplace of cash buyers that can close in an average of 10 days AND you will only pay commission to the listing side (not the buyers' side like in the traditional route).



2. 14 Days Home Sale

We can sell your home in a 14 days home sale in which we vet any potential buyers. This ensures there are no unqualified buyers inputting offers that they can't even afford just to claim your property! All qualified buyers will be able to continuously bid up your property's price until the last buyer stands and you agree to the sales' price.  The best part? You once again only pay commission to the listing side and NOT the buyer's agent like in the traditional route. 


3. Traditional Seller's Route

What if you are asking yourself, what is wrong with TRADITION? Nothing is inherently wrong with the traditional route, as long as it is DONE RIGHT! What makes our system the right traditional route? Our main unique proposition is our extraordinary marketing campaign that leaves no stone unturned. Our marketing process, network of buyers and realtors, and AI matching system ensures that you get the most amount of offers in the least amount of days (yes, beating the average agent's average days on the market)!


#1 Concern of Sellers: "I Want To Sell, but WHERE WILL I GO?"

Many sellers see how great of an opportunity it is to sell their home! But they worry about the moving process; whether that is moving their things out of one home to a secondary home or needing a new place to live entirely! No matter what your circumstances are, we will help plan your move in advanced. Here are a few options that resolve this concern:

1. Leaseback

Take advantage of selling your home today, but have the time to move out! Leaseback is when you temporarily lease your property from the buyer you just sold it to for a reasonable amount of time. This gives you time to move your possessions or find another place.


2. Contingency Sale


You sell your property with the contingency that you find and close on another property! This means you will place your home on the market, get offers, and even go into escrow, but you will not sell your home officially until you find and buy another one!


3. Rental Property


You move to a rental property for a little while! Maybe it doesn't sound ideal, but for those who are looking to benefit from a sellers' market and a buyers' market have to play the waiting game! You sell at the height of the sellers' market, and then you wait for the market to cool down into a buyers' market!


4. No Additional Time Needed

You have sold one of your properties and can move all of your things into storage or into your second home! You may not need too much additional time and will be able to move out by the time you close the deal. No need to ask for anything from your buyer!